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Sunday, June 07, 2015

Learning More and More

It really is amazing watching your children grow. Miss K has been learning her continents and oceans. During her "self-play" time (time when she has to find ways to entertain herself) on Saturday we thought she was getting into trouble in the reading/play room, but wen we went to peek our heads in we found her newest masterpiece. She was FREEHAND DRAWING the continent shapes on the dry erase board. Can you guess which continents they are?

If you guessed North America, South America, and Antarctica then you're right!

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Miss K is an author...

Miss K has written her first story and she wants to share it with you! She came up with this all on her own and spent two days getting it just the way she wants it. She would really like for her cousins to enjoy it.

Baby Chiga and the Spider
by: Katelyn West
Baby Chigo had a spider in her room. Her sister came running in the room. Then her mom and dad came running in. Everyone screamed, "Ahhh!"
They ran out of the room and closed the door. Later, a police man came and caught the spider in his net. He put it away in the trashcan. The spider didn't want to come out, because the family was eating cake. Spiders eat flies most of the time, but this spider eats rocks.
He found a big rock to eat in the trash can. He came out when he was done with it, and ran to baby Chiga. The spider went under her, and she said, "Ouchy!" She got a Band-Aid from her mother; and the spider got a Band-Aid from his mother because he got stuck in a big tree that pricked him when he ran away from baby Chiga. The spider never came back.
The End.

Monday, March 16, 2015

I've been Busy...

Well, I've been mostly lazy busy. I've picked up another monthly writing client, so I'm spending more time on my butt staring at the screen- so I've been putting off posting here to give my eyes a break. But tonight, I'll share a little of what we've been up to this month...

Having fun in the truck!

Showing off a new Spiderman tattoo.

Planting seeds

Painting with carrots (her idea, I love it!)

Daddy let Bea-Bea break the house rules and get on the bed.

And, K decided the bathroom was a great place spend her iPad time...?

Saturday, January 31, 2015

The hardest part of every month...

is cleaning off the wall of work and starting over. I really love seeing them hanging, and K enjoys viewing her work- but there is just not enough space to keep it all forever. So, at the end of every month we clear the wall and start over. We put the end of the month work on the back of the door once the wall gets full and we leave that up for a few more days.

Of course, not everything can go on the wall...
like ice painting work.
(Yes, the thing just kept popping up all over the place, so I froze some water and she had a blast with it.)
And her Science work has been quite impressive. She can't wait till it's time to plant flowers and vegetables, but for now, if you come over chances are highly likely that K is going to show off her celery. (Of course, I waited till after the picture to pull off the nasty outer parts.)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Potty Basics

The conversation with K in the car after school:

K: Mommy, I almost went pee on the couch at school.
M: But you went on the toilet, right?
K: No.
M: So...where did your pee go?
K: It's in my butt next to my poop.
M: So, we probably need to go to the bathroom.
K: No, I told you, I don't have to go anymore because it's playing with my poop and it's not nice to interrupt people.


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

February Work for Miss K

Since I got the house cleaned Monday night, I decided to spend Tuesday morning getting the valentine's day work ready for Miss K. We're still waiting on our shipment from Oriental Trading to arrive, but here is what I managed to piece together so far...

K has really been enjoying writing lately, (finally!) She's pretty much mastered this worksheet, but too much practice is not a bad thing.

She's showing improvement with the scissors, but still has a long way to go. I was thinking about taking the scissors work away for awhile since she tends to get frustrated with it and only cuts one or two pieces before putting it away, BUT she does choose it - so that is why I'm leaving it on her shelf.

Found this super cute project here. I'll even let her do what she can as far as stapling it together.

I created this worksheet this morning because I had the stickers hanging around, and she loves stickers!

I also put this together for her this morning. If I was thinking, I would have put her name at the top of the other one, too, but such is life. I was going to make a pattern for her to follow, but then I thought I'd try to see if she can make her own. If she's not ready yet, no biggie, I'll have her stamp them and then count them, and practice writing the number below.

My girlie loves crafts. I really found this on oriental trading, but I was already buying a lot of things I can't make easily, and this is one thing I could make. She'll put the tree together and fill it with thumb print hearts.

I found these cute animal track cards here. I know they are pretty random here, but last time we were in the Smokies, we found some prints and she was interested in where they came from. I wanted to do some work on hibernation, but haven't pulled it together. I thought I'd start with them in a little book format and have her trace and spell the names for a bit. After that, she'll work with the cards and then I'll remove the control (name) and she if she can match them up.

She also has a tray of Minnie Mouse lacing cards, which will be replaced with a V-Day bead lacing craft once the O.T. is delivered.

We are doing a lot of alphabet work still. One of her favorites is playing "Don't Break the Ice" with the alphabet. We take turns rolling the dice to see which letter we have to try to knock out. She's not a big fan of this alphabet puzzle I got for her, but this morning I've taken all the pieces out and marked where each letter goes. Since the shape is visible on the board, we're going to try adding the dice and putting the letters in that way to see if it makes it any more appealing to her.

Penguins are still her thing, right now, so I left the penguin math for her. Basically we're working on numbers 11-20.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hello, Smokies!

Grandma and Grandpa brought BeaBea home. K has missed her buddy.

Hiking in the "dark, scary woods" says K.

Grandpa lead the way into the woods, and K lead the pack on the way out. (She managed to remember most of the turns, and no one was eaten by a bear.)

Then we raced on the karts after feeding the bears.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Caught and called out!

Yes, K called me out tonight. We were rolling turkey balls to freeze for soup, (ok- I was rolling she was making "animal balls"). When we finished I told her to wash up and go play with daddy so I can clean up...her response, "Fine, I'll go so you can destroy my animals balls and I won't know it." Doh!!! She's learned another trick!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Family Challenge

 Our goal is to hike 100 miles in the Smoky National Park this year. Katelyn's book is a good resource for getting us started. It has a total of 38.9 miles of trails to get us started, and it highlights some history of the park and leads us to some great places with clues for the items she can find along the way. Time to get out my walking stick from Uncle Danny. =)

Catch Up

Way too much has happened since the last post for a detailed post, so hang on and buckle up and hang on for the ride:

First there was a visit to Florida, because daddy had a lot of work to do and we didn't want to be away from him that long.

At the jobsite:

Getting put to work:

And then there was a quick trip to Disney World with Elsa and Anna:

Flying carpets:


Lunch with Winnie and Friends:

An Under the Sea adventure:

A first Roller Coaster Ride which ended with, "Don't ever put me on that again." (But I think she secretly liked it. haha!)

And ended with a magic castle:

Then we went to a small town near home and took a ride with the big man:

Then took another ride waaaaay up north to CANADA to watch Isabela in her final winter performance.

Then we met up Sarah and stayed in IL for a couple weeks.

Took in a U of I men's basketball game:

AND- picked out and cut down Grandma and Grandpa Hall's Christmas tree:

Celebrated Ashley's birthday:

Broke a sweat at the rink:

Attended all the Family Christmas Parties:

Annnnd---- Gave Ice Skating a shot: