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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Crazy Fan Fiction

Embarrassingly, I admit it. A few years ago- I started writing a *Twilight/Renesmee* fan fiction story. I've been thinking about sharing a piece of my writing each month, so I logged into my fan fiction account thinking it would have been closed. Not only was it still open, but  I had two (very old) requests in the inbox asking me to continue it.

I do apologize, but I'm 99.9% sure that I won't ever get motivated to continue it. But, for the sake of sharing with you....Here is Chapter One (Which is NOT very good, as I wrote it on a whim just to get something posted, but the writing gets better in later chapters, I promise.)

My name is Renesmee Cullen. It's my seventeenth birthday. Until this morning I thought my name was Ashley Smith. I've always felt that I was different than everybody else. I knew that there was no way I could biologically be a Smith. There was something much too classic about the Smith's for them to be my parents.

I never told them that I remember things, things about my life before they became my pretend parents. It would crush them if they knew that is how I think of them. They mean well. I would never call them that to their face…or within an eavesdropping earshot.

I'm not immune to their over-protective nosiness. I know that they are watching me like a hawk. They watch who my friends are in an overly compulsive deranged way. Last year I found a folder of background checks, there was one for every classmate. Apparently the Smith's don't know that I have no friends, because I'm different. Everyone can tell, but they pretend not to notice.

Like I said, I remember things. I remember a beautiful heart-shaped face with fragile porcelain skin but I can't see her face. I remember clenching long brown hair in my tiny baby hands, not Mrs. Smith's short red hair. I remember a man's bright red lips and a crooked smile. I know that whoever he was, he was a good man, and that I liked him a lot.

There are things that I can't remember, but I dream about them over and over again. The dream starts in a little shack like garage, and then I see a womanly figure with no face or definition picking up a bright red car with one hand. Then I run outside and see a man who just crushed a boulder by the creek into dust, and then shake the dirt off like it was no big deal. I'm running towards him, but I don't stop. I leap across the creek as if I'm playing a simple game of hopscotch. Still running, I'm now chasing a giant dog through the forest. I chase him all the way through the woods to a clearing, a meadow of sorts where he just disappears. Then I scream, and I run for my life from people with razor sharp teeth and creature like eyes. Just before they catch me in the mountains I wake in a cold sweat.

I can sense that my parents, my real parents, are out there, and they are waiting for me to return. It's frustrating. It's like trying to think what the world would be like if there was no life anywhere, but you can't even picture space and comets because you wouldn't know that they existed. It's a strain on my heart. I know I don't belong here, but I can't picture a world that exists outside of this one.

It was weird that I wanted to write with the main character being Renesme, because the whole hybrid baby thing is what really tanked the series for me. Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

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