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Saturday, October 27, 2012


Now that I am all finished with the Sookie Series, I've started another one! If you watched the movie *One For The Money* then you have basically read the book. It was almost a perfect play-by-play, and I loved it. I had just as much fun reading it as I did watching it on the television. (Ok, that's not true. I really didn't LOVE the movie until the end, but the book is amazing!)

I've now finished Two for the Dough, Three to Get Deadly, and this morning I finished Four to Score. Each book is so fast paced and action packed. I love that I haven't had to force myself to suffer through any one section (although, I disappointedly did find a typo where the wrong characters name was used, and had to stumble back a few times to make sure I didn't skip a page or something in Four to Score.) Eh, those things happen. No biggie though. Still an awesome story.

The misadventures of how Stephanie Plum keeps falling into these scenerios is kept refreshing so far, and while not always seemingly the best choice, her choices have never been too far out of the scope of possibility for keeping the misadventures alive.

I really like the way Janet Evanovich writes. Last year, I read MetroGirl and stumbled on Motor-Mouth (The second of the Barnaby & Hooker series) earlier this year. I hope they get another story soon. (*hint*hint*) (I may be in love with Hooker.) (I may want to see this one be a movie.) (I may want to work as a spotter for Nascar now...or not...maybe.)

So, if you are looking for some good reads..there you go! Pretty much grab anything by J.E. and you're set.

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